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Cowboys and DeMarcus Lawrence deal?

dallas cowboys demarcus lawrence deal

The Dallas Cowboys found its way to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Mix harboring what I called an optimistic view regarding their particular plans for a contract agreement along with star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. Upon his arrival in Indy, COO Stephen Jones took one more step forward by acknowledging that Based in Dallas had made the initial offer to Tank — a generous concession because that will meant that a second offer would likely end up being soon forthcoming.

And here we are, an origin telling me that tonight within Indy, team officials plan on ending up in agent David Canter in try to move the ball forward.

I’ve long believed that each sides can be on the same negotiating web page because it’s simply therefore obvious what needs to be done with the particular free agent star. Owner Jerry Jones is on the record conveying that very sentiment. The time clock is ticking now, but there is certainly still optimism that the agreement is on the horizon — using the framework around that horizon getting the March 5 deadline just for NFL clubs to designate business players.

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2 thoughts on “Cowboys and DeMarcus Lawrence deal?

  1. They should do many things this year, but not keeping DeMarcus Lawrence is not one of them. Be smart Jerry.

    1. Lizeth …. thanks for visiting. You are right Jerry must be smart about great players and Demarcus is just that type of player. Pony up the money and lets get this season off to a winning start.

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