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Cowboys games I wish could have attended

dallas cowboys prescott elliott

In case you could travel back in time, which Cowboys game would you visit? Pretty soon (sooner than it feels, I promise) we’ ll have 16 brand new Based in Dallas Cowboys games to totally panic over enjoy. There’ s nothing can beat football season.
There have been a lot of excellent Cowboys games (yes, I know, these people haven’ t won the Extremely Bowl though! ) over the last fifty percent decade. There’ s a chance that you simply attended one of them, but if you had the opportunity to go back and experience one of them it’ s a hard thing to figure out what kind.

I’ve been fortunate to go to a few games in this stretch plus I’ ll get the conversation began with my personal favorite: Week 10 associated with 2016, Dallas Cowboys at Maryland Steelers. Thriller.
If I’ meters being honest part of the reason I'd go back and re-live that will game was the company. It was my father and me, and Franco Harris. Simply no big deal. Our tickets just, therefore, happened to be next to his season types, watching the Cowboys beat the particular Steelers next to him is a tale worth telling in my humble viewpoint.
There have been plenty of other thrillers during the last five years, though. We are talking about five years that have incorporated several amazing comebacks, unbelievable phone calls, and three division titles. Also and the emergence of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. And DeMarcus Lawrence! And Amari Cooper! Plus Leighton Vander Esch! It’ t been good times.
Some nominees:
2014 at Seattle Seahawks (one from the greatest wins of the Jason Garrett era)Cowboys Collectables
2014 at New York Giants (Odell’s catch, but Romo in order to Dez sealed it)
2014 on Philadelphia Eagles (Romo to Dez thrice, a huge step forward)
2014 vs. Indianapolis Colts (NFC Eastern captured)
2014 vs. Detroit Elephants (playoff win! )
2016 with Green Bay Packers (that’s when it felt real)
2016 versus Philadelphia Eagles (JASON WITTEN WITHIN OVERTIME)
2016 at Pittsburgh Steelers (already mentioned)
2016 vs. Of Detroit Lions (it was a party every night)
2017 vs. Kansas Town Chiefs (the end of the initial half sucked, but all had been generally well)
2017 vs. Wa Redskins (Dez set the record)
2017 at New York Giants (Rod Jones, ladies, and gentlemen)
2017 at Oakland Raiders (Jeff. Heath. Is. The particular. GOAT. )
2018 vs. Gambling (all felt okay then)
2018 at Philadelphia Eagles (Zeke’ t hurdle, statement)
2018 at Lawrenceville Falcons (Leighton Vander Esch continuing to roll)
2018 vs. Saints (duh)
2018 vs. Philadelphia Silver eagles (Amari forever)
2018 vs. Seattle Seahawks (playoffs are always great)
What’ s your choice and why?


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